Process Servers (Australia) provide many services including those summarised below.

Process Serving

Our agents have many years of experience serving documents out of many jurisdictions. Each job is treated differently according to the jurisdiction, the documents and the individual or company being served.

We pride ourselves on having an excellent track record where clients have come to us having previously been unsuccessful in serving an individual because of evasion or simply lack of resources.

Field Calls

Our agents are licensed to attend upon an individual or individuals and establish their financial means and intentions of repaying debts.

Examples may include third party drivers who fail to make or keep contact with insurers, debtors who ignore their responsibilities or avoid clients or companies who fail to maintain contact with suppliers after failing a scheduled payment date.

On such occasions we attend and gather the relevant details and encourage debtors to either contact clients direct and reschedule payments or warn them of impending legal action should they refuse to do so.


Unfortunately, in the current financial climate, more private borrowers fall into arrears with their scheduled payments and as such the bank or other financial institution decide to repossess the goods or security property.

We can attend on behalf of the financial institution and take possession of the security property from the Sheriff after the eviction. We arrange the locksmith and, on completion of the eviction, secure the property and provide the new keys and a report to the instructing lawyers or bank.

Our agents are sensitive to the circumstances and are well trained in conflict resolution in such cases and handle each matter with great care thus avoiding any embarrassment to the client


Many legal firms represent landlords whose tenants have failed to keep up with their rental payments on commercial premises.

As such, our licensed agents can attend and distrain on those individuals. Once instructed and armed with the correct Warrants and Authorities, we attend upon the premises and take possession.

Once the inventory of distrained goods has been prepared, it is posted at the property along with the accompanying documents and copies are provided to the client

We also engage the locksmith thereby taking the stress out of what is already a stressful process for our clients.

Document Filing

Law Firms often find themselves in need of having urgent applications or other matters filed in court registries but are unable to personally attend themselves, especially those out of state without a country agent available.

We provide a court filing service in these cases thus removing the stress and effort from the client. We also file Affidavits of Service for private clients who do not have a solicitor acting for them.

Skip Tracing

Many clients find themselves in the position of having to locate either debtors, witnesses or respondents in legal matters.

We specialise in tracing such individuals to enable the legal process to be completed.